The World, The People, and The Gods

The world, known as Banderis, is home to 5 major continents. Three of these continents are separated landmasses, while two connect through a series of narrow landbridges.

The continent on which The Emperor’s War is taking place is known as Rishen, which is divided into 3 major area- The Empire, The Independent Kingdoms, and Anteria.

The people of Banderis are as varied as they come, and the vast majority of people never leave their country, let alone their continent. Specifically, the people of RIshen are predominately human, with a high population of dwarves, elves, and orcs. Halflings, gnomes, goliaths, aasimar, tieflings, and dragonborn do make up a recognizable slice of the population, but not enough to have indigenous settlements larger than a small village.

Each continent reveres a different pantheon of gods, and due to the fact that many people don’t go too far from home, almost no one realizes pantheon beyond their own exists. On Rishen, the pantheon of Greyhawk is revered with Pelor being the most outwardly worshipped god.

The World, The People, and The Gods

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