The People's Republic of Anteria

Former Ruler: “Mad” King Sverin Geir
Government: Struggling democratic republic, no real authorities established
Reason for war: To rise from the ashes of a revolution like a phoenix, and to establish themselves as the land of the free
Motto: Know your worth -Commander Sean Dorsley, to the rebel force about to march on Anteria’s captial to kill the mad king

Recent History:
When the war started 15 years ago, the Empire showed no interest in involving Anteria. However, 4 years ago the revolution against the mad king started and ended, dethroning all nobility and establishing a republic that has yet to come together. This caught the Empire’s attention, as they know have started sending scouting parties and small battalions into Anteria to plunder what they can, and kill whoever gets in the way. While their country continues to be attacked, Anteria’s small group tasked with installing the new government struggles to gain progress in creating laws that the people want to abide by.

Common Knowledge:

  • The people of Anteria are mostly living hard lives at the moment, as they are both defending and rebuilding their homes.
  • The group tasked with restoring the government are specifically a group of diverse thinkers and peoples, making it hard for them to come to an agreement on much of anything.
  • Anteria and The Kings’ Alliance aren’t exactly at war, but tensions are rising due to caravan and supply raids from both sides.
  • In the 4 years since the mad king’s death, people have slowly started to regret ripping their country apart as their lives continue to diminish in quality, and as the likelihood of war looms ever closer.

The People's Republic of Anteria

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