The Kings' Alliance

Ruler: 13 Independent Kingdoms with their own ruler, mostly monarchy.
Government: Council of 14 members, one from each kingdom as well as a ambassador from the druidic tribes
Reason for war: To protect their lands, their homes, and most importantly- their people
Motto: United we stand, not as men, but as brothers

Recent History:
The Kings’ Alliance formed roughly 15 years ago after refusing to bow to the cruel Empire’s will. They have coordinated their resources and their armies, in great help to the council formed for the very reason. Each ruler of each kingdom had to pick one trustworthy, non-royal person to represent them in the council. In addition, the numerous druidic circles that reside in the kingdoms sent a representative of their own, who was welcomed with open arms thanks to the charity that the druids do in all the kingdoms. Together, they have a strong defense against the Empire, and are ready to defend their homes to their dying breath. Meanwhile, the newly weakened Anteria conducts guerrilla warfare against supply caravans, so the Alliance replies in turn with supply raids of their own. The conflict between the two lands hasn’t blown out completely, but the tension is steadily rising.

The Independent Kingdoms, as they’re referred to collectively, are a group of 13 fairly peaceful kingdoms. The primary trade good of each kingdom balances the inter-kingdom trade, and merchants meet in mass annually to discuss sustainability in regards to resources and the market. In addition to the strong trade, the kingdoms have been at peace for centuries due to strategic marriages of the different royal families. In fact, the bonds have been so strong every year there would be a grand gathering of all the kingdoms to participate in weeks of sports and festivities, celebrating their peace and prosperity. Between the non-lethal jousts and wooden-weapon sparrings, sports of all kinds- some made up that year- would be played for bragging rights and a copper trophy commemorating the event. In the end, these events brought the people of all 13 kingdoms together- royal and common- closer and closer.

Common Knowledge:

  • The 13 kingdoms (and the druids) all have equal say in the Council, but the Inner Council, made up of the 5 largest kingdoms, can veto if all 5 disagree with a motion
  • The kingdoms that make up the inner council are represented on the KIngs’ Alliance flag as the 5 different colors.
  • While each of the kingdoms has a king and/or queen, in some they are merely figureheads on top of another, people-driven government. Regardless, these rulers are all benevolent people and live in comparatively normal quarters compared to the Emperor.
  • For reasons rumored, the kingdoms have never officially united as a single nation before. While no one knows the true reason, a number of theories abound in every tavern.
  • The druids in the kingdoms used to be spread all over the continent- including Anteria and the Empire. However, both the Emperor and the former mad king of Anteria drove them out and away, if not killed them, for refusing to stop practicing their rituals. Now, almost all of the druids reside in one of the kingdoms.

The Kings' Alliance

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