The Empire

Ruler: The Emperor, Azmodeus Augustus IV
Government: Dictatorship that poses as a monarchy with democratic values
Reason for war: To claim the entire continent under the Empire’s banner, no matter the cost
Motto: May blood flow through their streets, and may gold flow though ours – Emperor Jovias Hebron II

Recent History:
The Empire initiated the war 15 years ago after the Independent Kingdoms refused to annex and become under the Emperor’s rule. At first, they started with spying on the kingdoms but were eventually found out. This led to the bolstering of armies, and eventually forced the kingdoms to come together under their pitiful “Kings’ Alliance”. Meanwhile, it is believed that the downfall of Anteria finally caused the Emperor to march on the kingdoms as well as the newly weakened Anteria.

Common Knowledge:

  • The people of the Empire enjoy the highest quality of life, but mostly because they have learned how to turn the other way and ignore their morals.
  • The Empire makes no secret of their brutal conquests of the different tribes of people living in their unsettled lands, as well as the political backstabbing that happens among the noble houses of the Empire.
  • The second highest house, second only to the house of the Emperor himself, is House Oliva. Seen by the other houses as untouchable due to the bond that their matriarch has with the Emperor from being his personal adviser.
  • While the Empire has turned its efforts toward ransacking Anteria and the Independent Kingdoms, they still hunt the indigenous tribes that have not bowed to the emperor to this day.

The Empire

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